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Visions Choice, Wanda’s Downfall

While traveling to my home Dr. Lewis explains to me not only what is happening but more importantly who I am. I am not the Vision you grew to love, I am his body, yes but this person and thoughts inside of it are not the same. I am sarcastic and witty, I raise my voice in anger and I am scared by booms in the night while laying in my bed. I have no memory of being an Avenger, I just found out what an Avenger was. I cannot remember his life before Westview. 

I learn that my original code dates back to an AI called Jarvis, former real life and then digital butler to Tony Stark. And then my corporeal form was born of an andriod named Ultron’s plan of global genocide. I was made to serve and be used as a weapon. Brought to life as a synthezoid with a Vision of my own. I declared  “I am on the side of life”, I became an Avenger. I fall in love and leave my life of an Avenger for that love. I then force that same love to kill me in order to save half the universe. Wanda does it,  but then has to watch as I am brought back to life only to die again. I cannot imagine the immense pain. In our failure Wanda gets snapped away and when she returns my body is gone. She is lost and alone and in an act of desperation she takes my body and brings me back to life. Everything before that point is no longer my life. “It feels like another person.” I only remember Westview 

As a new man, moving to Westview, with my beautiful wife, I have a job that I don’t quite understand and day by day I begin to get a feeling that something is wrong. I then find out that my wife Wanda is holding the whole town hostage, to create this life with me, one she wishes she had. I  had no choice in this, I have been created to serve someone’s wishes.I have always understood pain so i know why she would do such a thing but understanding Wanda’s pain does not justify her actions. With her pain Wanda has brought countless others pain. I still question my identity asking Dr. Lewis “Who am I now?” She tells me that She’s “been watching WandaVision and your love is real, you belong together”. I live with the knowledge that the person that loved Wanda in this story died and though I do love her, she imprinted their love into me, i have not lived that love. Darcy loves what Wanda created, It is not reality.

At the end of this chapter of my part in this universe, after all the battles have been fought, If I survive I will have a choice, A chance to live A life I choose. Undoubtedly SWORD will want me back, I was made to be a powerful sentient weapon, but I am more than that. They may strongly request, I turn myself over to them,especially with the circumstances of my revival. They will want to study me, to see how I was brought back. If I so choose, with them I could be a hero again. I have been compromised, if someone with less innocent intentions than Wanda were to get a hold of me, the repercussions could be catastrophic. They can help me  work through this and help me understand exactly what I am.

Wanda loves me, she did all of this for us, for our family, I love my family, but I  know it is a forced existence, Wanda brought me to life at the price of causing others so much pain, suppressing who they really are. All so Wanda can live out her fantasy with my body. And as I screamed to Wanda when she tried to hide the truth of what is outside of Westview “ You don’t get to make that choice for me, Wanda”  I cannot stay with her, I need to find Myself  and right now I believe SWORD can help me find a new role in the world. I need to find out who I am outside of Westview.

Wanda already knew this would be a possibility, our kids asked her if she wanted to go look for me, their father, who had not been home all day. She said  “If he doesn’t want to be here, there is nothing I can do about it.” Wanda is going down a dark spiral and I fear again she will lose everything, her kids, her perfect life, her love, The one person she chooses not to control choosing to leave her will culminate in her pain expanding beyond this Hex. Undoubtedly streaks of Scarlet could break this world will want to burn her as a witch.

This is just a fan theory as to what could be going through Visions head after what he learned during the events of WandaVision Episode 7.


Video of Joe Exotic leaving Federal Bureau of Prisons lockup in Fort Worth, Texas.

Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage better know as Joe Exotic was seen leaving the Federal Bureau of Prisons lockup in Fort Worth, Texas in a Limousine, the last minute pardon from President Donald Trump comes after a heavy campaign from Joe and his supporters to have this weirdo released even though he definitely tried to have that Bitch Carol killed.