Video of Joe Exotic leaving Federal Bureau of Prisons lockup in Fort Worth, Texas.

Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage better know as Joe Exotic was seen leaving the Federal Bureau of Prisons lockup in Fort Worth, Texas in a Limousine, the last minute pardon from President Donald Trump comes after a heavy campaign from Joe and his supporters to have this weirdo released even though he definitely tried to have that Bitch Carol killed.

Black Panther 2 [Video Essay]

I had a talk with a friend around the idea of how you should continue the story of Black Panther with or without T’challa. So I took a day to write my idea and another to record and edit. Hopefully with ideas that pay homage to Chadwick and lets us understand that these kinds of things shouldn’t even be argued about while giving a natural progression to the story. This is in no way a fully story outline, I’m missing a big part of the second act, I didn’t have time to flesh it out and would like to hear others thoughts on what it should be. Let us know what you think and if you would like more content like this.